Coffee Beans

Choose from three locally roasted daily house blends.

El Jefe

A heavy, rich French roast with notes of dark chocolate and a hint of smoke.

The Rooster

A heavy and thick Vienna roast with notes of dark chocolate and berry. A smooth, mild finish.

House Blend

A mild, smooth Full City roast nutty in flavor with notes of caramel.

a selection of bagged coffee beans at boiler room coffee shop

Our Menu

While we specialize in coffee, we have food covered too. Our right-priced food options are simple and quick to prepare but can satisfy every sweet tooth or savory craving. Take your pick from our wide variety of delicious pastries, hearty breakfast, and tasty lunch options.

Fancy Oatmeal

This is not your grandma's oatmeal. Old Fashioned oatmeal mixed with wild rice, raisins, cranberries and pecans, this breakfast sticks to your ribs, not to your arteries!

Fancy Waffles

Our waffles are light, fluffy, and filling! Choose from the classic, served with butter and syrup, or go fancy and enjoy with strawberries, blueberries, or chocolate chips.


Made fresh in-house, our sandwiches are as excellent as great on the go as they are on the spot. Served with tasty chips and a zesty pickle.

a stamped boiler room coffee cup
a nibbled peanut butter cookie at boiler room coffee
a vegan scone on display at boiler room coffee